When we look at the the traditional ways for treating drug and alcohol addictions we can most often see the same patterns being perpetrated.  The addict is enrolled in an out patient or in patient rehab center, given group and one to one counselling and given medications to treat withdrawal symptoms.  Many drug addicts have succeeded in this form of treatment but many have relapsed a number of times.  When looking at the system we can all agree that the one missing element from these programs has been the PSYCHO-SOCIAL aspect.  What if the Addict was taken to an environment that was situated in a place that created a mental euphoria and provided natural food and drink that purified the body from toxins and chemicals.  Where the addict could now soul search and find his / her spiritual connection the Universe and the CREATOR of it?   Allowing the to reconnect with themselves by communicating with the mother of humankind, EARTH.   This is what the B.E.A.R. projects aims to develop for cultivating individuals who can return to there homes feeling REJUVENATED, CLEANSED and RESPECTED.  

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When we look at Johann Hari’s theory on the problems facing the addict we can see that it is a very real phenomenon that addicts are faced with everyday.  CRIMINALIZING, MARGINALIZING, and OSTRACIZING addicts only push them in cages to continue using the substance just like the experiment called,  “RAT PARK” study carried out by psychologist Bruce K. Alexander at Simon Fraser University, in the late 1970s.

Let’s have a look at the Rat Park comic done by Stuart Macmillen, that explains how this experiment went and it’s results.

Taken from:  http://www.stuartmcmillen.com/comics_en/rat-park/

Changing our world from a CAGE to a SANCTUARY that nurtures our ENTIRE BEING will affect our daily intake and output!

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When we look at our PROPHETS for them to reach their SPIRITUAL height in their journeys they always had to disconnect to a secluded area that connected them with NATURE therefore connecting them with the CREATOR of NATURE, the Lord of the Worlds, Allah.  Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s. in the Mountain, Musa in the Mountain, Maryam ummu Isa in the desert, Ibrahim in the desert.  We have many religious examples of the greatest of humanity had to disconnect from the populated areas and seclude themselves in natural environments in order to reach higher realms of understanding and submission.

The B.E.A.R. project is the heart of IHOPE’S program for enabling addicts to reform themselves and transform themselves into the ADAMIC beings they were created to be.  We need as much support as possible so we can secure LAND, fertile land in a nontoxic location that has access to well water or springs.  We would like to have simple structures designed from natural resources, farming, a central meeting center for support group meetings, dinning, and spiritual activities.   Livestock for fresh dairy, Honey production and HORSE AND CAMEL RIDING.  Birds, parrots, plants, and inshaaAllah a pond.  This Ramadan has been a time for deep prayer and planning for our project to become a reality.  We are looking at several locations Morocco being the top on the list.  We pray to Allah s.w.t. to bless us with success and much support.

Ramadan Mabrook,

Hajjah Karimah, 23rd Ramadan 1437

June 28, 2016



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